Hello from Brent and Abel!

With our combined 50+ years in the entomology and entomological supply business, we are here to provide you with premium entomological supplies that meet your needs.


Brent, "the bug guy" Karner is an entomologist who has been prolific in the field for over 3 decades.

Brent has worked at the Royal Alberta Museum, The Natural History Museum of LA County, and he managed BioQuipBugs until BioQuip Products closed its doors in 2022.

He is thrilled to be able to offer his entomological knowledge along with the best supplies on the market to his friends and colleagues in the bug world.


Abel is a master carpenter who learned his trade while working for over 2 decades at BioQuip Products.

Abel managed most BioQuip's day to day operations with respect to manufacturing and has a wealth of experience creating the equipment that entomologists want and need.

Through the years Abel has honed his cutting edge carpentry and manufacturing skills and he is looking forward to elevating the equipment that he used to produce while working on the production floor at BioQuip.

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